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Why choose Drupal?

Drupal is easy to install and configure;

  • Content Management is easy to achieve - however start with a simple tutorial to understand how Drupal , after an hour or two , you're ready to add hundreds of pages , pictures, files , comments to articles . It's better than to enroll in courses in HTML and PHP , right?
  • Editing content is easy as possible if you are using an HTML editor .
  • provides many features: you can have the site search field integrated website, blog , articles sorted by category , user authentication option on the site menu, logo, areas for news , announcements and latest stories , RSS feeds , etc. .
  • is flexible : you can use Drupal to create a forum , a blog, a wiki site , a site or a presentation to a community of users .
  • is a very good solution for websites with users and communities.
  • Drupal is geared towards SEO - links are easy to read , there are modules that allow you to add description and keywords for each page , you can generate sitemap in XML format .
  • using statistics module , you can see how many hits each page has other useful statistics . In addition , it can be integrated with other tools like Google Analytics.
  • functionality , layout and design are very easy to customize.
  • every day on modules and add new themes that you can use for free. In addition , existing modules are updated , revised or improved.

Arguments for the initiated

  • original functionality can be extended . On ( Modules ) you will find a huge list of modules that allow you to add various functionalities to your website : send newsletters, make your image galleries , polls etc to add .
  • show how the site can be completely changed. On will find dozens of themes ( Themes) that you can install on your website to make it look the way you like .
  • You can change any line of code as needed .
  • users may have different roles and permissions
  • added content on the site can be divided into categories (using the Taxonomy module ) and structured via the menu .
  • Drupal is written in PHP, a programming language popular and affordable. The big advantage is that PHP developers are cheaper and easier to find :) so if you want to customize some modules will not cost you a fortune.
  • Drupal is in constant development, there always updates to resolve any security issues .
  • Drupal is a friend of Web 2.0 still includes the installation options for comments , forums, blogging.
  • Content can be syndicated . Any class or section of the website may be published as RSS feeds.

Arguments for experts

  • Drupal is platform independent , web server and database. Installation , setup is standard for Linux , Apache and MySQL or PostgreSQL, but Drupal can be installed on Windows servers with IIS and Microsoft SQL Server , Solaris, BSD or Mac OS X.
  • Drupal uses modern techniques like XHTML , CSS and JavaScript 
  • application can be installed on a single server or on a distributed system to support traffic
  • Drupal LAMP suite can be installed using the Linux operating system , Apache as the Web server , MySQL database server and PHP as the programming language.
  • You can easy management roles and permissions for granular control site
  • Security issues related to the Drupal core are constantly monitored by a dedicated team and bugs are updated and monitored on different configurations.
  • Drupal can be integrated with different web applications and web services using standards such as XML and SOAP .
  • Drupalului use can be learned very easily that those who possess knowledge of PHP or Java . Change themes and layout can make anyone has knowledge of HTML / CSS and know Drupal 's framework .

Extra tips :

The initial budget of a Drupal site is much smaller.

Drupal is already used for thousands of sites, including sites of Sony / BMG , Universal Music Group, Warner Brothers Records, Adobe , Harvard University, MTV , Nike, FedEx, Disney , Sun Microsystems, Metallica and many more :) . I have not convinced ? The White House just chose Drupal for website . And if Drupal is good for Obama would not be good for your site ?